Kitchen Cabinet Painting


Our Process

- Remove cabinet doors/drawers.  Number each according to their place

Remove hardware.

- Scrub cabinet doors/drawers and frame with industrial cleaner (TSP).

- Wipe down and dry.

- Drill holes for knobs and pulls, if requested.

- Apply sanding sealer (eliminates the need to sand)

- Apply primer.

- Apply paint, as many coats as needed.

- Glaze cabinets if requested.

The frame is completed on site.  You do not need to remove anything from your cabinets.  We use sponges on the frame so there are no brush strokes and the end result is a smooth, professional finish.  The doors and drawer fronts are sprayed at our workshop for an excellent finish.  

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Prices:

Please note that these rates are our baseline for labor and one Benjamin Moore Advance color and priming only, includes a warranty.  Kitchen cabinets that require repair or advanced finishing may incur additional costs. This will be discussed and agreed upon at the time of quote.

  • Cabinet Door (30 in or less)        $ 80

  • Tall Cabinet Door (+30 in)          $100

  • Drawer Front                             $40

  • Drill Holes for Hardware             $5/door and drawer

  • Glazing                                    $10-$20 drawer/door depending on                                                                amount of glazing requested

  • Crown Molding                         $10 per door

  • Side Panels                               $90

Change in hardware or material additions are charged separately and are not included in the labor charges.

Cabinet Before
Frame Painted
Deglossed & cleaned with TSP
Spraying Doors
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Before: Oak
After: Queenstown Grey
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