The Most important step in painting furniture

I want to share with you today the most important step in painting furniture..are you ready? Okay, deep breath, here we go....The most important step to painting furniture is cleaning it very well. It is so important to get all the oils that build up off your lovely piece of furniture or the paint simply will not stick. I know, cleaning furniture is not the fun part but it really will set your project on the road to success.

Tools for cleaning:

-Put on your gloves! protect those hands

-Degreaser...a degreasing dish soap in warm water is a great start. Use a green scrubby and some elbow grease. Get in all the nooks and crannies.

-Wipe off with paper towels or lint free cloth

-Use a mixture of 75% isopropyl alcohol and 25% water and wipe your furniture piece down again with paper towels or lint free cloth.

-Let dry for at least 30 minutes

If you follow these steps you will be off to a great start on your furniture painting journey!