Kitchen Cabinet Care & Warranty


  Our prep work and choice of proven, top-tier primer and paint mean for a lasting finish on your kitchen cabinets.  But as we all know, accidents happen. Kids run their toys into cabinets, pans are dropped and spaghetti sauce is spilled.  We will come out once, at no charge, during the first year that your cabinets are completed to do any needed touch ups.  

Cabinet Care Tips

  Although paint is not made to last forever, there are things you can do to keep your cabinets looking brand new for many years to come.  

1. It takes the paint about 30 days to fully cure (harden). Please be gentle during the first 30 days because even though the paint will be dry to the touch, it will be soft and can scratch easily.  After the curing process, the paint will harden and be very durable. 

2. Always keep your cabinets clean.  Wipe off any food or grease immediately so that finish is not stained.  It’s a good habit to wipe down your cabinets with a sponge or wet paper towel frequently, use soap and water only, no harsh chemicals.


3. Use the knobs and handles as much as possible.  The more you touch the cabinets, the dirtier they will become and the more easily it will be to damage the finish.


- We will always leave a small jar of touch up paint and will give you instruction, if you would like, on how to make any touch ups yourself.