Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Colorful Cupboard Painting will bring your dream kitchen to life. 

Cincinnati’s most sought after cabinet painters!  Let us do the work of bringing your dream kitchen to life. 
 We are a professional, women and veteran owned, local business that uses only the highest quality products and employs the most experienced and meticulous painters.  
In five business days, you will have a beautiful new kitchen at the fraction of the cost of new cabinets.  

 We provide several professional painting services for your home: 

Blue Buffer Custom Furinture Painting

Colorful Cupboard Painting will help you restore and refresh your furniture. 

Do you have an outdated piece of furniture, or simply a piece that no longer fits your decor?  Colorful Cupboard Painting can help give your furniture  new life.  Painting a piece of furniture also adds a pop of color in an otherwise neutral color palette.