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Pricing for Cabinet Painting & Door Replacement Services

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Calculating the cost of your individual projects will vary depending on the following:  

  1. The number and size of cabinet doors & drawers in your project.
  2. If you would like new hardware and soft close hinges installed.
  3. If you have decorative panels added to the ends of your cabinets (these look like your doors but are added to the side panels instead).
  4. If you have crown molding, valances or light rails attached to your cabinets.
  5. If you would like the undersides of your upper cabinets painted.

You do not need to clean your cabinets or remove or reinstall hardware. We have it covered and it is included in the price. 

Kitchen Cabinet Painting and Door Replacement Pricing

Kitchen Size: 

Painting Pricing Range: 

Door Replacement Range:


Small Kitchen  

$1,300 - $ 2,700

$2,400 -$5,400

10-20 Doors, 5-10 drawers, all labor, and standard color paint.

Midsized Kitchen  

$2,800 - $4,000

$5,500 - $7,500

21-30 doors,11-16 drawers, 

Crown Molding, Island / Peninsula, and all labor and standard color paint. 

Large Kitchen  

$4,100 - $7,000

$7,600 - $13,000

31-45 doors,17-25 drawers,  

decorative crown molding, 

large island /peninsula, and  

all labor and standard color paint. 


New doors and drawer fronts come in the following materials: 

$ Maple frames with an MDF panel 

$$ Full Maple - frames and panel 

$$$ Thermo-fused polymer over an HDF panel (we call this our hybrid because the doors come already wrapped and we paint the frames to match.)

Services that may incur additional costs

  • Glazing/Antiquing 
  • Install Crown Molding
  • Painting inside cabinets of glass doors 
  • Install Shiplap or Board and Batten 
  • Extensive repair to doors or frame 
  • Drilling holes for new hardware (no charge to change hardware using existing holes) 
  • Changing color of current hinges or replacing with hidden, soft close hinges 
  • Selection of paint color not included in our standard colors ($150/color)

No additional cost for

  • Non-decorative end caps 
  • Change of hardware using existing holes 
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