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Colorful Cupboard Painting Blog



From consignments to cabinets!


Lora Currier and Charla Lee purchased our business on May 1, 2017, when it was a consignment shop filled with work by local artists. Lora conducted painting classes ...

2Lt David Currier

We would like to introduce David Currier.  He is the son of Lora and Jayson Currier.  David has worked for Colorful Cupboard in some capacity for the entire life of the Colorful Cupboard Painting.  Ov...

Visible Brush Marks

All we do is cabinets.  Over the last 7 years we’ve tried virtually every product, technique and process to know what works (and what doesn’t).  Has your wall painter or general contractor done this? ...

Glazing Example

Maybe you are coming to us to have your existing cabinets painted and those doors have a detailed profile.  Once it is no longer a deep wood tone, you lose a lot of the detail.  If you are concerned a...

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