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A Different Type of Service

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A Different Type of Service

Feb 20, 2024
2Lt David Currier
2Lt David Currier

We would like to introduce David Currier.  He is the son of Lora and Jayson Currier.  David has worked for Colorful Cupboard in some capacity for the entire life of the Colorful Cupboard Painting.  Over the years, David has always been willing to offer a helping hand in many areas of his life.  It was no surprise to any of us that he chose a profession where he could continue to serve. 

David is no longer working for Colorful Cupboard Painting  but he is still serving in the United States Air Force.  After he graduated from Northern Kentucky University and completed ROTC at the University of Cincinnati, David is stationed in Germany where he has become a great asset to his unit.  We are very proud of David and we support him in his endeavor to continue to serve.  

We want to thank all the Veterans and first responders who have chosen a life of service.  Thank you for your service Lt Currier, we are all so proud of you! 

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