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Hidden Costs of Discount painters

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Have a cabinet painter paint your cabinets and a wall painter paint your walls.

Feb 7, 2024
Visible Brush Marks
Visible Brush Marks

All we do is cabinets.  Over the last 7 years we’ve tried virtually every product, technique and process to know what works (and what doesn’t).  Has your wall painter or general contractor done this?  And no, we are not cracking on wall painters.  In fact, we love wall painters because we DON’T paint walls.  The ladders are too big and we look terrible in those white pants.


Over the years,and the many projects we have ‘fixed’ after a discount painter has completed the job, this has become our mantra.  We have had customers tell us that their house painter has given them a price that they just cannot refuse.  And believe me, we understand budgets and the need to stick within them.  But cabinet painting is very hard to redo.  Once those babies are painted, and if they are painted poorly, it may cost more to redo them than to get all new cabinets.  And if that was in the budget, wouldn’t you just have done that in the first place?


This is the one part of your project that you do not want to skimp on.  And it may not be as expensive as you think.  Painting your cabinets, and even getting new doors to change the entire look, will be far less than half the cost of purchasing and installing new cabinets.  And we know this because we hear it directly from our customers every day.  


If you want to be “shocked” by just how affordable a cabinet refresh can be, just give us a call for a free estimate.  

Do not caulk the panel seams
Do not caulk the panel seams

A lot of contractors / wall painters insist on caulking the seams. This is a huge mistake.  Cabinets are mean't to have a floating panel to account for the change in temperature and humidity.  If you caulk the seams, they will crack over time.  It is also extremely difficult to smooth the caulk once it is in. This is a picture of a job that we were hired to fix for a client who unfortunately hired the wrong painter first.

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