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How We Started Colorful Cupboard Painting

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How We Started Colorful Cupboard Painting

Jan 8, 2024

From consignments to cabinets!


Lora Currier and Charla Lee purchased our business on May 1, 2017, when it was a consignment shop filled with work by local artists. Lora conducted painting classes for birthdays, showers, and other celebrations. Charla and Lora started custom painting furniture and quickly found that people in our area were very interested in having their kitchen cabinets painted. After thorough research and training, we quickly found our niche in painting kitchen cabinets. Our first client was November of 2017 and we haven’t stopped since that time. It started out just the two of us, but now we have 17 great employees who have contributed to our success resulting in over 320 completed projects in 2023 and generating over $1M in sales last year. 

Challenges and Lessons we have learned:

Our largest obstacle has been growing to scale to keep up with demand. During covid, our sales exploded with people staying home and not spending money on travel and other luxuries. Finding the right people to reflect our high standards and quality of service has been challenging and time-consuming. But not impossible. We have learned how to grow and retain wonderful, long-lasting employees.

We have also learned through trial and error. Whether it be the products we use or the processes we develop and follow, we have learned something new from each job and each client. Training each new employee with specifically developed processes makes every job go smoothly. 

What sets us apart?

Colorful Cupboard Painting helps clients create their new kitchen without the big box stores, multiple contractors, and lengthy renovations. We provide various products to fit within any budget. Our work develops mostly from referrals, and we complete 6-8 kitchens per week. We paint current cabinetry but also provide new doors and drawer fronts to create a brand-new kitchen at a quarter of the cost of new cabinets. We have many designs to choose from and will work with clients of design if needed.

Charla and Lora began in this business because they both enjoy refreshing old furniture and making things beautiful that have had a long life. Refreshing kitchens is just an extension of that love.

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