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Kitchen Accessories


We can improve the functionality and appearance  of your kitchen with rollout drawers, trash can pullouts and spice racks;  replace visible hinges with soft close hidden hinges or new visible hinges but in a different finish.  Add pulls and/or knobs, drill holes for the handles and knobs of your choice
This is a quick and reasonably priced service that can change the entire look of your kitchen!  

How to select your hardware

Decide your style.  We have the following stock styles to choose from but would be happy to help you find something not listed.  Here are some things to consider:

      * If you do not have any hardware, you can chose any style or size available.

      * If you currently have hardware, it is best to measure and select a comparable style to fit into the current holes.  

      * If you would like to change the size of your current hardware, i.e. go from knobs to pulls, there will be an additional charge. Charges vary depending on if we are just drilling new holes or filling old holes and drilling new ones.

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