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Refacing is a fast and simple way to replace cabinet doors and drawer fronts by applying a matching refacing material over existing face frames and end panels.


Who could benefit from Refacing?  


 - Satisfied with their current layout but want a style update.

 - Looking for a quick cosmetic update before putting  their house on the market

 - Quick and durable updates for rental properties


What’s so great about Refacing?


- Fast Turnaround-Most projects can be completed in 2-4 days from start of installation

- Minimal Disruption-Your kitchen remains fully functional throughout the process

- Less Mess-The kitchen layout and boxes stay the same, minimizing renovation messes.

- Less Waste-Reusing existing cabinet boxes keeps them out of the landfills.


Why Engineered Materials?


- Seamless-Water and Bacteria Resistant

- Durable-Won’t crack, chip or fade

- Maintenance Free-Easy to clean and sanitize, no need for paint touch-ups

- Consistent-Materials are highly consistent in color and appearance


Our Process:

1. Meet to discuss options and designs.


 2.  Choose a door and drawer style.

      Choose your color.

      Select hardware.

3.Order Refacing Materials (Usually takes 30 days to receive)
4. Schedule installation of Refacing materials and new doors and drawers. 


 5. We will remove and dispose of your old doors.  We will then prep your cabinets frames and install the side panels.  The following work day the front Refacing material will be placed along with doors and drawer fronts, along with any other materials that need to be installed.

Contact us TODAY to receive a FREE quote to see the incredible value of this option! 

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