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Is Cabinet Glazing Right for your project

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Is Cabinet Glazing Right For Your Project?

Jan 31, 2024

Maybe you are coming to us to have your existing cabinets painted and those doors have a detailed profile.  Once it is no longer a deep wood tone, you lose a lot of the detail.  If you are concerned about this issue, a solution to this is to add some color with glazing.  Glazing is simply taking a contrasting color (an example would be, you choose a warm white paint color, the glaze color will most likely be a deep brown or a warm dark gray) thinned slightly with something called a glazing medium.  You can get this at most paint or art stores.  The ratio for glazing medium to paint really depends on how opaque the glaze needs to be.  Is the glaze going to be very present and apparent or is it only going to be a hint?  This is something you need to decide before taking this journey.


There are different types of glazing such as pinstriping which means we take an angle brush and go along the edges or profile depressions and add color to your painted door.  This adds movement and depth to your cabinets.  Another possibility is to add another translucent color over the entire door then it is wiped off.  It leaves a lovely and rustic feel.  The combinations of colors and applications used are only limited by your imagination!  You are not limited to white doors and dark glaze.  You could paint your doors dark blue with a metallic glaze.  This would definitely be a statement!  


Glazing provides detail, depth and interest to door and drawer fronts - get in touch with us to see projects we have completed with glazing and see if this is an option for your project.

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